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Dr. Showan N Nazhat

McGill University,

Department of Mining and Materials Engineering,

Rm 2090, MH Wong Building,

3610 University Street, Montreal,

Quebec, H3A 0C5. Canada.

Tel : (+1) 514 398 5524


Request a Manuscript

Please feel free to write to Dr. Nazhat ( to request a copy of one the lab’s manuscripts listed under Publications.

Interested in joining our RegenEng-Lab at McGill University?

Please complete the following Application Form if you are interested in joining the RegenEng-Lab as either a postdoctoral research fellow, graduate student (PhD, Master’s Thesis, Master’s Non-Thesis) or as an undergraduate researcher/intern. Please specify in the form which position you are interested in.

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and ableism statement

We recognize that many forms of discrimination exist in our community and in academic research, including systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. At the RegenEng-Lab, we are committed to enacting plans to increase our understanding of these issues, help identify and eliminate systemic bias problems, prevent discrimination, and improve inclusivity. Please help us to do so by answering all questions, if possible, on your application form.