Welcome to the RegenEng-Lab at McGill University

Welcome to the Regenerative Engineering Lab (RegenEng-Lab) based at McGill University’s Department of Mining of Materials Engineering. Our RegenEng-Lab research program aims to provide its highly qualified personnel with a unique training experience in applying materials engineering principles to develop and characterize novel organic and inorganic-based biomaterials for tissue regenerative engineering applications. The program has both expertise and infrastructure dedicated to the processing and analysis of the structural, mechanical and biological properties of these biomaterials. The program also offers direct in-house experience with analysing the cellular responses to the developed materials, in vitro.

Showan N. Nazhat (Principal Investigator) has a B.Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Materials, both from Queen Mary, University of London, UK. In 2006, after serving as lecturer (Assistant Professor; 2000-2006) at the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, UK, he joined the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill University where the research focus of his group in the Regenerative Engineering Lab has been on engineered 3D biopolymer-based tissue models and their interactions with seeded cells, including investigating the effects of bioinorganics, controllably released from soluble and bioactive glasses, impacting osteogenesis, angiogenesis, and wound healing.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion at the RegenEng-Lab at McGill University. At the RegenEng-Lab, we do our best to make engineering more equitable, diverse and inclusive. We believe that this is essential in building a better future. Please refer to McGill University’s commitments to Equity Diversity and Inclusion (Internal McGill Resources | Equity at McGill - McGill University).